adjective What a disgusting smell!; Her house is in a disgusting mess.) asqueroso, repugnante
disgusting adj
1. asqueroso
the food was disgusting la comida era asquerosa
2. indignante
it's disgusting! ¡es indignante!
1 (loathsome) asqueroso,-a, repugnante; (unpleasant) desagradable; (awful) horroroso,-a; (weather) asqueroso,-a, horrible
how disgusting! ¡qué asco!
2 (intolerable, unacceptable) intolerable; (causing outrage) vergonzoso,-a
disgusting [dɪ'skʌstɪŋ] adj
: asqueroso, repugnante
disgustingly adv
asqueroso, -a adj.
ofensivo, -a adj.
repugnante adj.
a) <smell/taste/food> asqueroso, repugnante

how disgusting! — qué asco!

b) <conduct/attitude> vergonzoso
1) (=revolting) [habit, taste, smell, food, place] asqueroso, repugnante; [person] repugnante

you're disgusting — me das asco, eres repugnante

the kitchen is in a disgusting mess — la cocina está que da asco, la cocina está asquerosa

how disgusting! — ¡qué asco!

it looks disgusting — tiene una pinta asquerosa

it smells disgusting — tiene un olor asqueroso or repugnante, huele que da asco

it tastes disgusting — tiene un sabor asqueroso or repugnante

2) (=obscene) [book, film, photo] repugnante, asqueroso; [language] indecente, cochino *
3) (=disgraceful) [attitude, behaviour, manners] vergonzoso

she returned the book in a disgusting condition — devolvió el libro en un estado vergonzoso

4) * (=terrible) [weather] asqueroso, de perros *
* * *
a) <smell/taste/food> asqueroso, repugnante

how disgusting! — qué asco!

b) <conduct/attitude> vergonzoso

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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